Tuesday, December 10, 2013

sleepy owl sleepover

My oldest daughter turned nine on Friday and we decided to let her have her first sleepover party this year. I knew we would be letting her have this party for quite some time, so I had been browsing pinterest for months looking for fun ideas for the party. We decided to have a Sleepy Owl Slumber party.

sleepy owl party invites

The invitations were really fun to make. I found a sleep mask template and used Gimp to make a fun invite. I printed them out and backed them with cute scrapbook paper, I sandwiched ribbon between to make a tie for the sleep mask. We then added some eyes, ears and a beak. I loved how they turned out! I tied the ribbon before sending them out.

sleepy owls

And of course, I had to do some type of crochet for the party. Since it was sleepy owl themed, I thought some little sleepy owls would be a cute favor for the girls. I used Nel the Tiny Owl to make them. I made them in all the girls favorite colors, so no one would be disappointed. The girls were all happy with them, nine year olds give awesome compliments!

favor bags are ready! the girls are getting an owl, sleeping mask, fun nail stuff, tattoos & candy necklaces. Cupcakes just need frosting now & I'll be ready for this sleepover party

I managed to get everything ready with a few hours to spare before the party. My daughter had a really great time. I'm glad I braved her first sleepover for her.

My second daughter turned seven on Sunday, we had a family party for her that day. We're hosting an art party with her friends next weekend, she wants to do Christmas crafts, so it should be lots of fun! I think I might whip up a small crochet ornament as favors for that party. I'll be sharing that next week along with the fun invitations I made for her.