Monday, December 09, 2013

crochet moose head

We just got finished with three family member's birthdays and we still have two more birthday parties to go. My dad's birthday is the first one in December. My two girls are next, I'll share what I did for my oldest's party tomorrow!

This year I made my dad a crochet moose head. Earlier in the year he told me about seeing crocheted animal heads and how he might like one. I had already been planning on getting one made for him this year, so I was happy to know that it would be something he would actually like. I had planned on using a different pattern to make a smaller moose head but after seeing Hogar the Moose, I knew I had to make him!

moose head

He turned out amazing! So amazing that I really want one of my own too. I left off the lips from the pattern, to keep him from looking too cartoony. I also used worsted weight yarn and a size 5 hook, so he turned out bigger than the pattern says it will. I forgot to measure him, so I'm not even sure how big he ended up, I'll be sure to measure the next time I see him.

moose head

I bought a wooden plack from Michaels to mount the head on. Figuring out how to attach him was hard, I decided to just nail through his ears. You can see the nail a bit with this side view but you can't see it unless you really look.

This was such a fun project to make! I really want to make all sorts of mounted heads now.