Sunday, February 22, 2015

recent FOs

For Valentine's Day, I crocheted these fun hearts for my kids. You can get the pattern free from FreshStitches here. I made the medium size and added googly eyes to make them more fun. I hadn't planned on crocheting any toys for the kids but my son woke up late the night before and asked me if I had crocheted them new toys for Valentine's Day, he was pretty upset thinking that I didn't. He 100% made me feel guilty! Ha. So, I stayed up far too late crocheting these cuties.


I also finished up this hot water bottle cover, just in time for it to be of use! I used a free pattern that you can find here. I held three strands of Loops & Threads Woolike yarn together, the colors are charcoal, cool grey and beige. I love the fabric the three yarns created!

hot water bottle cover

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