Friday, January 30, 2015

right now on hooks & needles (& upcoming)


Sometime last year I figured out that I really don't enjoy the feel of acrylic blankets anymore. I don't hate them but they're just not so nice on my hands. My kids still love them and use them, so all the blankets I've crocheted in the past have nothing to fear! I'm also thinking of crocheting toys using something else soon too, so I have a big stash of acrylic just sitting in the closet that I need to do something about.

crocheting this again today, it's almost long enough. I haven't sewn in any ends yet, so that will be fun... my day is set now

So, of course, I started a blanket! It was really the only thing I could think of to quickly use the stash up, although it doesn't seem like it's made a huge dent yet. I'm crocheting a V-Stitch blanket, using Le Monde De Sucrette's pattern. I'm crocheting different width sections and will be joining them up, either while crocheting or after... I haven't gotten that far yet. I have lots of white and off white yarn, so I'm alternating rows with those colors. So far, I'm liking the look of it. I've finished one section, it's going to be a big blanket, it measures from my feet to my shoulders.


I'm knitting a cover for a hot water bottle, something I've wanted to have for quite a long time. I'm knitting it using some Woolike yarn I had bought last year, I'm holding three strands of yarn. It's making a really nice fabric. The pattern I'm using is free and can be found here. Since I don't have a lot of needles yet, I'm only using one needle size, so I upped the stitch count a little.

new WIP

Not too long ago, I added to my Scrappy Hue Shift blanket. I still see this as a very long term project, I'm out of sock yarn to use again. I think I'll let it sit for a couple months, so I can get at least more than 2 squares added before stashing it again.

Scrappy Hue Shift


I gathered up supplies to cross stitch this design from Satsuma Street. I'm hoping to find some time to start soon, it's been on my list for quite some time!

next cross stitch project ready

Besides the cross stitch, I have my February socks to get started on next week. I'm surprised I made it all the way to now without just ripping a brown bag open to knit some socks, I've been craving some sock knitting. Over the weekend, I'll be picking my bag out.

I hope you have a great weekend!