Thursday, July 24, 2014

vacation socks & new yarn!

not a water girl, so knitting on the beach!

We just got home a few days ago from a two week family vacation. We had a lot of fun and some exciting things happened too, I'll share about that when I can! One thing I really wanted to do was visit at least one yarn shop while away. I found a really great one in Peterborough, Ontario called Needles in the Hay. I grabbed some sock yarn and couldn't wait to cast on for a pair of socks. I used Zitron Trekking XXL for these, I couldn't resist those fun colors.

I really liked the yarn, it wasn't the softest yarn but it wasn't horrible feeling either, I would definitely use it again. I know some people like their socks to be matching but that's not important to me, I love this pair! I used the Fish Lips Kiss heel again and still love it, it's really easy to memorize.

vacation socks are done! #sockknitting

Now, how about I share the fun yarn I grabbed! I wanted all the yarn in the shop but I contained myself to just a few skeins. I found Crazy Zauberballs and had to grab one! I'm thinking that I will try this fun striping in some wrist warmers or maybe socks.

crazy zauberball

I also grabbed a skein of Malabrigo Sock in the Indiecita colorway. I'll be making some socks of it most likely.

malabrigo sock yarn

These were waiting for me when I got home from our trip. I ordered these mini skeins on etsy from NikkiSlipp to use in a blanket I've started. I'll share that progress in another post soon! I've already used a few skeins and I love how it feels and works up.

mini skeins from nikkislipp on etsy

Have a great day!

Monday, June 30, 2014

craft sale & new socks!

Last weekend was my craft sale. I ended up being sick that weekend but somehow made it through the entire day without it affecting me too much other than dizziness, right after the show was a different story though! It was not a pretty sight. The sale was decent, not great though, there were a lot of garage sale tables and people mostly came for that. I didn't do horribly but I won't be having a table at the next show, it wasn't really worth it. I got my name out there though, got a few custom orders and got an invite to a craft sale happening later in the year.

craft show table

After the sale, I let my kids pick out a toy from all the leftovers. It always makes me happy that my kids want the toys that I crochet.

I let my kids each pick a toy from the left overs, I love how happy they are getting crochet toys!

On Monday, I decided I wanted to do some knitting, so I cast on a pair of vanilla socks. I used my yarn from Spun Right Round in the graffiti colorway. I cast on the toes with the turkish cast on and I used the fish lips kiss heel which I love, it fits perfectly! I loved knitting these socks and I knit them so fast, it shocked me how quickly they flew off the needles! If I had more sock yarn, I'd be knitting more right now.

socks! these happened so fast! I loved knitting them! I used the FLK heel and it fits perfectly! I need to order more yarn now. this yarn is Graffiti by @spunrightround

I have a shop update coming soon with some very adorable new toys, I'm aiming for Thursday this week. Make sure to follow me on instagram, I'll post there when it's live. Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Well, I really can't believe I let two months go by without posting here! I'm not sure I'm going to get much better about posting too soon, summer holidays are coming up fast (3 weeks!) and I have a lot of family trips I want to do. I don't want to stop blogging at all, it's going to be sporadic for a little while though, hopefully you'll stick with me! I post a lot on instagram still, follow me there if you don't already, my username is @caseyplusthree. Here's some things I've been up to lately.

there's crochet I should be doing to prepare for a sale next month but I just want to knit! #sskal14

I'm still loving socks, I started a pair of stitch surfers! I've been moving super slow because of some crcoheting that I have to get done but I still love these and hopefully I will have a pair before the end of the month. I'm using a kit from Must Stash yarn in the Elsa & Anna colors, the yarn is so great to knit with.

getting ready for a sale on June 21st, these are some of the toys I have ready. it's only my second time doing a local sale, this one is supposed to be a lot bigger than the first, so I'm really nervous! I hope that I have enough toys finished for it. if

I'm doing my second local sale on June 21st, so I've been crocheting toys for that! This time, I'm sticking to having just toys on my table plus a few baby blankets. I'm really nervous about this upcoming sale, it's supposed to be much larger than my first sale. These are just a few of the toys, I have 26 finished right now, I'm not sure exactly how many I need, I'm just not sure what people are going to want to see or buy. Hopefully I sell a few things!

I hope everyone is having a great day and that you're having nice weather. Be back soon!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

killer whale

killer whale

My daughter recently became really interested in killer whales, she spent most of a weekend looking at pictures and finding out facts about them. She said that having a killer whale toy would be really cool, so of course I crocheted one for her!

killer whale

It's not a big toy, it's 4" tall and 6.5" long. It is a good size for her to just carry in her hands, I would like to eventually make a much bigger one like this killer whale. I didn't follow a pattern for this one but there is a free pattern for one similiar to what I crocheted here.

killer whale

I think this killer whale turned out pretty adorable! I love to crochet things for my kids that they really want!

Monday, March 31, 2014

lacy hexagon throw FO

Good morning! I have my finished lacy hexagon throw to share that I finished last weekend. It's not a huge blanket but it fits nicely in the corner of my couch. I love seeing it sitting there, I'm so glad that I found and picked up this project again.

lacy hexagon blanket

Each hexagon is the size of my outstretched hand, the throw ended up 43" in diameter. When figuring out the layout, I started in the center, so the throw ended up in the shape of a big hexagon. I finished each hexagon off with 4dcs in each chain space and I joined them as I went.

lacy hexagon blanket

To border the throw, I decided to attempt to straighten the sides. It ended up with a bit of a curve but I really like how it looks and you can't really tell after I did the edging. The edging is a v-stitch with a picot in the center in each, they look like little diamonds, it's so pretty!

lacy hexagon blanket

some blanket info:
color inspiration from this colour crush post found on Emma Lamb's blog
hexagon chart found here
yarn: KnitPicks Cotlin DK in surf, celery, cerise, pomegranate and linen
hook: G(4mm)