Saturday, October 25, 2014

Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow

My son has started loosing teeth, so far just one but he has another ready to come out soon! It's crazy to think he's gotten old enough for that, I supposed most parents feel that way about their kids, especially the youngest ones. He turned six last month... again, crazy!

With the first tooth, he used his sister's tooth fairy pillow but I wanted him to have one of his own. I planned on crocheting a pillow like his sisters have (here & here) but I wanted something a bit different for him. I decided to crochet a monster instead.

Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow

I am really happy with how he turned out! I was a bit worried in the beginning because he was looking a bit like cookie monster but after I added the horns and wings, he became his own monster!

monster tooth fairy pillow

I added yellow pointy teeth to the pocket to hold the lost tooth and money of course. I didn't write down the pattern as I crocheted him but I'm going to attempt it again, I think my girls might like a monster tooth fairy pillow also!

Thanks for stopping by today, hope you all have a great weekend! Stop by and check out my shop on big cartel, It's Crochet. I'm just testing it out for a bit, so there are only five listings up right now. I do like how it looks better than etsy so far but there's a thing or two I need to figure out with it still. But, do check it out!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

monthly sock challenge - October

My October socks are already off the needles! I finished this pair in only 5 days, it was hard to put them aside for much else, all I could think about were these socks. The pattern was easy to memorize and the yarn was so much fun to knit with!

October socks

They're Monkey socks but done from the toe up using the Los Monos Locos pattern. The yarn is So Over the Rainbow by Spun Right Round, I absolutely love how the yarn striped!


This is the 5th pair of socks that I've ever knit! I think they may be my favorite, I've already worn them quite a few times. The length of these socks are perfect and will probably be the length I knit from now on, they go just a little above my ankle, high enough that they'll be visible when I wear shoes. I still need to work on my toe though, these did turn out a little pointier than I would like.

October socks

I'm linking these up to Liesl's monthly sock challenge. I already have yarn picked out for November's socks, I'm going to try knitting two at a time, I'm excited to challenge myself!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Christmas is coming!

Last year, I crocheted a snowman to send as a swap gift and I really wanted one for my own home but I never seemed to find time to crochet it. This year, I have one! I finished my own extra early and I'm so happy with him! The pattern is by FreshStitches, it's a build your own snowman pattern, so you can custom crochet him to your liking. It's a great pattern!


For his scarf, I thought it would be fun to knit it since I am much more comfortable with knitting now. I also knit the band around his top hat. All the yarn I used is Loops & Threads Impeccable, my go to for amigurumi! He stands at 11 inches with his top hat on.


I put up a listing for a Made to Order Snowman in my etsy shop, so I crocheted a toque to show as another option. I love a top hat on a snowman, so that's what I sewed onto mine!

Now that I have this cutie finished up, I am in a Christmas mood! All I want to crochet is Christmas fun! Too early??

Friday, October 03, 2014

recent customer orders & BIG weekend coupon code!

One of my recent orders wasn't a toy! I was a little hesitant to accept this one, just because I'm just so used to toy orders but the pattern is too adorable to pass up. It's called the Baylie Bear Cowl by the Velvet Acorn. There are so many gorgeous knit and crochet patterns to find there!

bear cowl

I crocheted this out of Loops & Threads Cozy Wool in the mushroom colorway, the yarn is incredibly soft and nice to work with. I decided to try out a crocheted button instead of sewing a wooden one to the cowl, it ended up cuter than I imagined!

crochet button

Another order I finished up recently was for these two sweet dolls. I used the Daphne Doll pattern but modify it slightly for the dolls to wear dresses.

getting an order packaged up this morning #itscrochetshop #crochetaddict

If you're interested in anything in my shop, this weekend is a good weekend to buy! I've decided to offer free shipping (to anywhere!) for this weekend! You just need to type in 'FREESHIP' when you get to the checkout! This code won't come around too often because of such high shipping costs, so take advantage!

That's all I've got for today, hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, October 02, 2014

monthly sock challenge - September

Liesl started up a monthly sock challenge and invited others to join along too. I kept forgetting to post and join in, so I'm finally doing it! I think that I will be able to keep up with finishing a pair of socks each month, I love sock knitting so much! I'm definitely happy that I took the leap to learn the skill this year.

These were my September socks. They're a plain vanilla sock done in a fun self striping colorway from Nomadic Yarns called The Slutty Pumpkin. I did an "afterthought heel" for the first time with these, turned out to be a lot easier than I expected. I have also learned that some people don't like you calling it an afterthought heel if you plan it with waste yarn, so it's a forethought after-heel... I guess! Anyway, I love these fun socks, I've already worn them a few times :)

slutty pumpkin socks

I've gotten a start on my October socks, they're Monkey socks but I'm using Los Monos Locos/The Crazy Monkeys, so that I can knit them toe up. It is an addicting pattern! I did all this knitting in just a few hours, it's a hard one to put aside. I'm using yarn from Spun Right Round called So Over the Rainbow, it's knitting up so amazing, I love it! Sadly, this picture really does not do the colors justice, darn the grey skies!

toe up monkey socks!

Have a great day!