Friday, March 27, 2015

March socks


I finished knitting my March socks a couple days ago! I used a free pattern called Menehune Cobblestone, the pattern was an easy one to memorize. I wasn't entirely sure I would have this pair finished this month but I picked up my sock last weekend with only a few repeats actually done and managed to speed through that sock. Once I got into knitting the pattern, it was not easy to put down.

The socks turned out incredibly comfy! I used the optional ribbing pattern instead of knitting my usual 1X1 ribbing, I love how it looks! The yarn I used is Malabrigo Sock in the indiecita colorway, I will definitely be using this yarn for socks again, it's so soft to knit with.


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Friday, March 20, 2015

owl wall hangings

You've probably noticed if you've been visiting this blog for awhile that I have been in a crochet slump this year, I have only crocheted a few times. Last week though, I had a real urge to just crochet something. A couple years ago, I crocheted an over-sized owl wall hanging that I just loved! After crocheting it, I really wanted to have a smaller one as well but never got around to making it. I decided that a small owl wall hanging would be a perfect quick project to satisfy my urge.

macrame style owl

I used a size 3.75mm hook and some left over yarn from a pair of socks I knit last year, it's Spun Right Round in Graffiti. It's a super busy yarn, so you can't really see all the stitch definition but I still think it looks great. The eyes don't photograph very well, they don't really look right but in real life they look perfect. For the sticks, I trimmed down a couple of bamboo skewers. The finished size of the owl, including the fringe is 7.5 inches. Seriously cute!

over sized & small owl wall hangings

There's quite the size difference between my first and second owl, I love it. My first owl's fringe is a lot more frayed than it was when I first made it. Our cat used to love jumping at it as a kitten, that thrill has worn off thankfully now though, he just stands up and reaches it easily, less fun.

The pattern I used can be found here on ravelry.

P.S. Happy first day of Spring!

Monday, March 02, 2015

on hooks & needles

cross stitch

greetings cross stitch WIP

I finally started my greetings cross stitch last week. The pattern can be purchased here. I am loving stitching this project, it's been very hard to put down! I had to take a break from it yesterday after my finger became really swollen and painful, I think I had been holding my q-snap frame wrong. It's feeling a bit better today though, so I'm back at it. I'm excited to have this finished soon! I really like the designs from Satsuma Street, I will definitely be stitching more of them.


March sock yarn

I chose my sock yarn for my March socks, it's Malabrigo Sock in the Indiecita colorway. I haven't quite decided what pattern I will be knitting yet but I probably won't be casting on until I finish my greetings cross stitch. If you have any suggestions, I'd really love to hear them!


I have done very little crochet recently but my scrap v-stitch blanket will be getting worked on again, hopefully by next week. I really want to get that done before the end of the KAL/CAL in My Sister's Knitter's ravelry group, it ends April 30th, so I have enough time!

I've also been thinking of crocheting toys again. There are a couple designs that I've been thinking about, I've even started crocheting one a little but I don't think I'll have it finished any time soon. I am really excited about the construction though, I think maybe I need to try a different yarn so that I won't want to set it aside. I have a lot of toy ideas sketched out, I really want to get a couple of them off the paper and in toy form this year.

Anyway, that's all for today. Is there anything exciting that you've been working on recently?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February Socks: FO

February socks

I lost motivation with pretty much everything for a couple weeks this month, so I didn't really do much crochet or knitting. Luckily, I did find some mojo again and got these socks finished before I need to choose another sock yarn. I'm so, so happy with this pair! The striping looks exactly the way I pictured it. The yarn was a sock split set from Spun Right Round and the colorways were Mega Magenta & Combat Boots and Baby Doll Dresses.

I didn't use a pattern for the socks but there are quite a few different striped sock patterns that looked similar to these on ravelry. To get make the stripes jogless, I used this tutorial on Craftsy, it works so well! My tension with the technique was very tight in the beginning, so one sock curves a bit when not on but it stretches out easily when worn. I also tried a new bind off for the cuff, the video I used can be found here. It seems like it has the same amount of stretch as Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off, which is what I've always used but I think I like the look of this more, so I'll probably use it a lot more often.

February socks

I'm really happy with the two pairs of socks I've finished this year! I'm definitely going to continue knitting a pair each month. Hopefully some months will have more than one pair, I would really like to knit a pair or two for gifts during the year. I want to have 12 for myself though, I want to have a drawer full of hand knit socks!

January & February socks

This last pair was finished exactly a year after I finished my very first pair of socks! It has me thinking of all the things I've learned since I started, so I'll share a post on my year of sock knitting soon.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

recent FOs

For Valentine's Day, I crocheted these fun hearts for my kids. You can get the pattern free from FreshStitches here. I made the medium size and added googly eyes to make them more fun. I hadn't planned on crocheting any toys for the kids but my son woke up late the night before and asked me if I had crocheted them new toys for Valentine's Day, he was pretty upset thinking that I didn't. He 100% made me feel guilty! Ha. So, I stayed up far too late crocheting these cuties.


I also finished up this hot water bottle cover, just in time for it to be of use! I used a free pattern that you can find here. I held three strands of Loops & Threads Woolike yarn together, the colors are charcoal, cool grey and beige. I love the fabric the three yarns created!

hot water bottle cover

Thanks for stopping by :) Have a great day!