Saturday, September 13, 2014

shop & other news!

I've been battling a lot of tooth pain for the last month, maybe even more than that, the pain kind of has days blurring together since I'm not sleeping a lot. I finally got into the dentist and was told I need to see an oral surgeon to have a tooth removed, it's not a tooth my regular dentist can get out unfortunately :( It's not any of my wisdom teeth but an extra tooth that is trying to push it's way in and crushing other teeth in the process. So, I'm waiting on the phone call from the surgeon. I'm hoping it comes soon, the pain is pretty excrutiating, so I'm barely sleeping or eating, it's been making me not a very happy person.

I was thinking of trying to have a sale next month sometime for Christmas toys and ornaments, to help pay for the oral surgery. Yes, I know it seems crazy early since Halloween hasn't even happened yet! Most of the customers I've had are all out of the country, so I want to get these things out before the huge mail rush! I'm just trying to see if there's any interest in it right now, so I don't make a ton of things that will just sit around! I think the sale will be held on my instagram page but I'm not entirely sure about specifics yet.

Before I do that, I decided to offer up a coupon code in my etsy shop, I'm also lowering a few prices. The code is 'SURGERY', just enter that before you order and you will get 15% off! I'll leave it active until September 30th!

In other news, I started a facebook page for my shop, It's Crochet. If you've been around for awhile, you know that I did have a page for my blog quite awhile ago but I deleted it because I just didn't have any interaction, so it seemed pretty pointless having it. A lot of people locally have been asking if I have a page for my shop, so I decided to open it up. I already got a few orders the day I published it, that was pretty exciting! I'm going to really try to post shop news there as often as possible. The only thing that still bothers me is the fact that they want you to pay to have your posts seen, it's pretty frustrating to say the least! But, hopefully it won't always be an annoying problem. Pop on over and like my page, there's very few right now! If you're not interested in placing orders through etsy, you can always message me there. Or of course by email ;)

Thanks for popping by this weekend! Hope your weekend is sunny and bright!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Tackling WIPs update


I thought I would give a little update on my WIP progress today! I think I'm doing pretty well, I've only cast on one project during this KAL/CAL I'm participating in (happening in the My Sister's Knitter rav group). I've even finished that project, I'll share that soon :)

I finished up my crocheted cowl that I was working on. I really love this, I'll be working on getting the pattern written up soon. I used Loops & Threads Woolike to make this, it's a fingering weight acrylic, it's incredibly soft! I'll be making more projects using the yarn soon.


I also finished up my first pair of self striping socks! I used yarn called The Slutty Pumpkin by Nomadic Yarns on etsy. I absolutely love this color-way, it's so fun! This is the fourth pair of socks I've knit since I learned this year. I did an afterthought heel to keep the stripes even. I am in love with this heel now, it fits perfectly, so I will definitely be using it more!

slutty pumpkin socks

The next WIP I hope to get finished is my Camp Out Mitts, my daughter is asking daily if they're done yet. Gotta get working on them!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Tackling WIPs KAL/CAL


There's another KAL/CAL happening in the My Sister's Knitter ravelry group. We're tackling our WIPs this time around! I'm actually not working on all that I have, I still have two long term projects, my Scrappy Hue Shift and Colour Punch. I have no clue when I will ever finish those! And I don't want to pressure myself to get those done within a time frame. Other WIPs not included are projects that probably won't ever see the light of day again. Sad. I've got a nice mix of crochet and knit projects to work on.

My crochet projects are:

* My Hexie Color Pop blanket that I started last month.
* A cowl in a really pretty gold color, I'm working on writing the pattern out and getting some good pictures, so I can release a pattern for it soon.
* The grey strip is for the Angela cardigan, I don't even remember when I started it anymore! I just hope that I get it done in this KAL/CAL!

My knit projects are:

* My Slutty Pumpkin socks. Still loving the stripes!
* I cast on Camp Out Fingerless Mitts the night before the KAL/CAL started. I'm using my Crazy Zauberball for them. Sadly, they won't fit me. I need to adjust my tension or needle size for the next pair. My daughter loves them and they fit her perfectly, so I'm not ripping them out, she gets them.

I really think that I can manage to finish all these projects! Usually, I feel a tad bit overwhelmed when thinking about WIPs but I don't feel that way at all looking at what I've got. Hopefully that feeling continues!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

on hooks & needles

I've been keeping myself very busy with crochet and knitting lately! I seem to have startitis. I am totally fine with it, I love seeing my ideas finally come out! I thought I'd pop in and share a few of projects I'm working on.

too fun working on this one #hexiecolorpop #crochetaddict

I started crocheting a new blanket, I'm calling it Hexie Color Pop. So far, I'm only using stash yarn for it, I love that! I'm trying to keep it mostly bright colors. This will probably be a Christmas or birthday present for my oldest when it's finished. I'm using the hexagon pattern from Attic 24. I started one of these blankets years ago for my oldest and never finished it, so I'm excited to finally get one done for her!

I have been crocheting all the things lately! #crochetconcupiscence #crochetaddict

I'm also working on a cowl. I crocheted one months ago but I'm not sure I shared it here. I'm working on a pattern for it, hopefully I will have that finished in the next month. It's crocheted in fingering weight yarn, I never thought I would crochet with that weight but I love the fabric that is made with it!

Slutty Pumpkin socks have started! #sockknitting

And I'm knitting socks again! I'm using yarn from Nomadic Yarns, it's called The Slutty Pumpkin. The colors are so fun, I'm loving knitting this!

Friday, August 15, 2014

shop update

I finally did an update in my shop with some toys I had leftover after my Insta-Toy sale. It was kind of a bust, no one from instagram actually bought anything from the sale. I honestly prepared myself for that before I even set it up, I just wanted to try out something new! I had family members buy things from me though, my cousin actually picked up 3 toys! I love that I've got family members wanting to give handmade toys now. These are the toys I have in the shop now, you can click each picture and it will take you to product page!

I have 2 of these available!




I have been working on some new ideas for toys and other things to try adding to the shop soon! Once my kids are back in school, I'm hoping to update the shop with something new every week.