Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January socks: FO

Last week, I finished knitting my January socks. I'm so happy with these, they are perfectly squishy and so comfy. I really loved knitting with the yarn, it's Knitsomniac Designs in the Frankenstein's Monster colorway, the yarn is incredibly soft.

January socks

The pattern for these socks is Rye by Tin Can Knits, it's a free pattern written cuff down but it's very easily adaptable to toe up. For my toes, I use a turkish cast on to start, it's easy and looks great. I finally found my favorite and perfect fitting toe pattern, I knit Joan's Favorite Toe (first pattern on the page), it's written for finishing off socks but I knit it backwards.

January socks

Since I'm participating in the Personal Mystery Sock Yarn Club and all my sock yarn is in paper bags, I'm waiting until February to cast on another pair of socks. Holding off is not easy!

While I'm waiting to get started on February, I'm knitting a row or two once in awhile on my two at a time socks I cast on last year. It feels like it's dragging on now, I may not be a two at a time knitter, so I may switch to just knitting one sock soon that way they actually get finished and don't stay a WIP forever.

two at a time socks

Other than the little bit of knitting, I'm crocheting a new design by FreshStitches, I can't wait to get it finished to share, it's really fun. It's the only crochet I've touched this year! That feels pretty crazy to me but I'm sure I'll get back into the crochet groove again soon.