Sunday, February 09, 2014

happy weekend!

Saturday morning I woke up to yarn all over my living room! It made me sick to my stomach but luckily I found the sock still in its bag untouched, my bugger of a cat gnawed off the rest of the yarn to play with.


I spent about two hours untangling the mess and I'm back at my sock again. I've learned my lesson though, I will (hopefully) always remember to make sure my project bags are zipped up right!

I hope you've all been having a good weekend. Mine's been mostly fine other than my sock yarn mishap and now a bug that seems to have struck my oldest down this morning.

I'm finally catching back up on blogs, I cleared out a lot of stuff I don't read from my reader, so I should be able to stay on top of everyone's wonderful posts again! Here's a few I wanted to share, not all are super recent, but that's because I really fell behind!