Thursday, February 13, 2014

crocheting doubles

I have been crocheting some doubles of previous projects this week!


Turns out the Backson is a really popular character! I finished up my second Backson for a customer recently and as soon as I finished, another order came in, so I'm working on a third. I did write out the pattern while I made the first Backson but I somehow didn't write out the pattern for his head. It wasn't too hard to figure out luckily, I think I got it looking the same. I remembered to write it out this time though, so this third guy shouldn't take too long.

hanging owl

My sister had a birthday this week and she gave me a small list of things she'd want me to make for her. I decided to crochet another big hanging owl for her, she has mentioned more than once that she likes mine, so I decided to finally make one for her. The pattern for this owl is called Macramé Style Hanging Owl. To make it bigger, I used the Navajo plying method.