Sunday, February 16, 2014

this crafty weekend

first sock off the needles!

My first sock is off the needles! I'm so happy with it, small mistakes and all! It felt like it took so long to finish just one sock, it look a little over 2 weeks but I got sidetracked by custom orders, so I don't expect the second to take as long. I hope not anyway, I really want to be wearing these socks soon! I hope to be casting on the second sock today!

Now that I know I can knit socks, I've been eyeing up lots of sock yarns. Not that I wasn't before but now I have an actual reason to buy some of it! I just treated myself to a skein of Spun Right Round yarn, I can't wait to get this amazingness in my hands!

new project

Before I cast on my second sock, I have an order to fill using those colors up there. I'm pretty excited to see this one come together, I started last night and already it's adorable! I'll be sharing what is is next week.

Have a great weekend!