Friday, January 31, 2014

happy friday!

I finally have glasses again, so I can get back to posting! Sitting at the computer was not easy without glasses, so I just didn't do it. I have quite a bit to share, so there should be a few posts up next week, including an update on my mood blanket. I am still working on it and enjoying it!

One of my crafty goals this year was to knit a pair of socks for myself and I'm doing it! After the holidays, I was given a gift card for babysitting my nieces, so I decided I would use it to get everything I needed to knit socks. My needles and yarn arrived a few days ago and I got started as soon as my glasses were ready.

Untitled by plus3crochet on

I have been really enjoying knitting this, maybe I'll even have one done before the weekend is over! I'm using this tutorial, it's very picture heavy, exactly what I need. I planned on doing two socks at a time but I don't have a scale to divide my yarn, so I'm just doing one. I'll share more about my socks as I get closer to finishing them.

If you come over to the blog from your reader, you'll see that I changed up the banner! This is the banner I pictured when I had the yarn image made for the site, I'm so very happy with the look now. I also changed the banner in my shop too.

I hope you all have a great weekend!