Thursday, January 30, 2014

Crochet Swatch Hoop Art: January

crochet swatch hoop art by plus3crochet on

I mentioned in my crafty goals post that I was going crochet one swatch a month. I saw this idea last year on a blog but it was knitting swatches in embroidery hoops. I'm going to be doing a crochet swatch each month and put it into a hoop. There are so many pretty crochet stitches and patterns out there that I want to try but I don't want to make a big project out of all of them, there's only so much time in a day (sadly!). At the end of the year, I will end up with a wall full of pretty crochet swatches.

Untitled by plus3crochet on

This month, I did the Vintage Fan Ripple. I used Vanna's Glamour yarn, it's much softer than I expected it to be. The pattern was really easy to do and it's so pretty! I'm using a 9" embroidery hoop to finish my swatch art with and backing it with white felt.

Untitled by plus3crochet on

Over the year I hope to challenge myself to a lot of different stitches. A couple on my list to try are broomstick lace and the crocodile stitch. Are there any crochet stitches that you have been wanting to try?

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