Sunday, June 30, 2013

first craft sale done

Sorry for such a blurry picture, I forgot to take my real camera with me to the sale.

My first craft sale is now behind me! This one was very, very slow due to lack of advertising, there were very few people who walked through. I still managed to make a good amount of sales for the amount of people who came through. Sales went much better than I expected even before I got there. I'm really glad that I pushed myself to do it, it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I even decided that I will do another bigger one in the future!

The shop will be getting an update next week on July 3rd with everything that I have leftover. There's still quite a few cuties that are looking for homes and a few baby blankets as well! I hope you'll check out the fun update!

Also, don't forget to change your blog readers tonight. Google Reader shuts down tomorrow! I use feedly for all my blog reading now and I like to check out bloglovin' sometimes as well too! I know that a lot of people enjoy bloglovin', my followers there have jumped a lot since the announcement of google reader shutting down.

Have a great day!