Saturday, March 09, 2013


colour punch

This weekend I plan on adding more squares to Colour Punch. It feels like it should be bigger than it is right now, it's 25 squares big so far, which isn't too bad I guess. I've been sewing in the ends often, so there are none that need sewing right now, that's a huge bonus, there will be no leaving this sitting in the closet because of too many ends. I think I can still manage to get this done in time for summer. I have a lot of cotton left to use up!

owl potholders

Yesterday I said I needed to get pictures of my owl potholders that I never shared and I actually remembered to do it. Here they are! They hang in my front "hall" area. When I took apart my granny hoot tea cozy, I made them backs, so they could actually be taken off the wall and used since they are double thick. But, I like them hanging as decoration more, so they'll probably just stay on the wall. The pattern for this can be found here.