Friday, March 08, 2013

potholder swap 2013

I made potholders! I haven't done made any since May last year and I never even blogged what they looked like! I turned my Granny Hoot tea cozy into two potholders, if you wanted to know. I should take a picture of them, they're the only potholders I have hanging in the house anymore. Although, I'm thinking of changing that again.

I kept seeing pretty potholders popping up in my ravelry feed for the potholder swap held on ravelry. I participated in the swap in 2011 (still love those!) but skipped it last year. I decided after seeing all the pretty potholders to join in again this year! They're only asking for three this time, which made finishing super fast and easy!

spiral potholders

I used the Spiral Coaster/Potholder pattern, the same pattern I used to make these coasters. I am in love with them! It was really hard to pack them up and send them off, I wanted to keep them for myself.

I used Bernat Handicrafter cottons and a size G hook. They ended up being almost 8 inches, right in the size requirements!


For the backs, I reversed the colours. I love the way it looks, I attempted to get a picture of how cool the effect is. Not the best picture, the potholders are nice and thick.

spiral potholders

There's still time to join in the swap, you have until April 1st to get the potholders in! Now I need to make one of these for myself!