Monday, March 11, 2013

sampler blanket

One of my crafty goals this year was to make at least one sampler blanket. A sampler blanket is a blanket made of all different types of squares. I got started with one square in January and then I pretty much forgot about it until this weekend and I decided to get a second square made. I didn't choose a colour scheme for the blanket when I started but I think all the colours in the first two squares are what I'm going to stick to.


The first square I crocheted is called 12" Granny (free pattern). Mine turned out 10 inches big but I think if I block it, it might end up close to 12 inches.


The second block I made is called Squaring the Big Circle (another free pattern!). This is probably my favorite of the two blocks I've made so far! It came to 10 inches as well.


I've already started working on my third square, I'm getting a bit hooked on this project so I don't think it's going to take me too long to get it finished.

Have a great day!