Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas gift making

I gave myself a deadline to get all my gift making finished by this Saturday and I beat the deadline! I've got instagram pictures again, I planned on getting better pictures with a real camera once the sun was better but I went crazy wrapping presents and they're already wrapped.

accessorized & ready to be wrapped!

This Daphne doll is for my oldest. I made up a flower headband for her. She turned out adorable! I love her!

both dolls done. Only 2 more presents to finish this week!

For this Daphne doll, I made up a purple granny hat for her to wear. The hat looks so good on the doll, I'm happy I made it! And the style is very much like my youngest daughter would wear, I think she'll be happy with her.


For my son, I made a penguin using this free pattern. I used Loops & Threads Charisma yarn and a 6.5 hook to make him bigger, he's 11 inches tall. He turned out so huggable, I am freaking loving this guy!

Those are the only presents I can share right now! I'm finishing up the 2012 ornaments for my kids today and will be sharing those here next week.

Have a great weekend!