Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I've recently started to like making hats! I've tried in the past and haven't always had the best results. There have been a couple flubs that ended up working but mostly I could never make a hat fit anyone.

Here's a few I've made in the last couple months, my daughter is a big fan of hats, so I already know that most of the hats I make will be for her.

slouched & striped beanie

This one I made using Paton's Classic Wool, it was the first time I really worked with wool and I liked it! Maybe it's just this brand though, normally touching wool kills my hands but this stuff is soft. The pattern I used for the hat was a test and hasn't been released yet but when it is, I will post again! It's a fun pattern.


This hat I really like! I used the Wooly Owl Hat pattern (free!) but left off the owl part. I used Loops & Threads Charisma, so it's super soft and warm. I love the braids on the hat, they're so fun! My daughter is really happy with it too, she wears this one every day. I made a bigger one just like it for my sister in law after she saw and requested one of her own. This is such a fun pattern, maybe someday I will make it an owl.

hat for my nephew

This is the most recent hat I've finished, I used the same pattern as the pink one but left off the flaps and braids. I also changed the first few rows to give it a ribbed look, I did fpdc every other stitch. No picture with a kid in it though, this hat went off to my nephew to keep his bald head warm, hopefully it's doing it's job because it's cold out there!

I'm enjoying hats so much lately, I think I may start adding some to my shop in the new year.