Tuesday, June 05, 2012

traditional dishcloth

knit dishcloth

This weekend I knit a dishcloth! This is a dishcloth I have wanted to make since before I ever thought about knitting or crochet. This is the kind of dishcloth that made me prefer homemade cloths to store bought.

There's so many patterns out there for this one, they're all pretty much the same, so any of them would do if you want to make one too. I used the Traditional Dishcloth to make mine, it's from Staci of Very Pink. She's got a lot of great tutorial videos, very helpful! I plan on tackling the logcabin next.

My dishcloth is not that great looking at all but I'm still so happy with it. And this didn't take that long to make either, only a few hours! I'm definitely going to make more of these soon!


  1. I just got this color cotton just because it was on sale and I though the colors were bright and happy. Now I know what I want to make with it....great traditional washcloth. ~~Debb

  2. Really cool! I finished my sister's cowl, so you know what that means! ;)