Monday, June 04, 2012

gingham(ish) dishcloth

gingham(ish) washcloth

I made this dishcloth just before the weekend, it's my first time doing a stitch like this, it was really easy. The pattern I used is called Gingham & Daisy Potholder. Mine turned out more patchwork looking than gingham with the colors that I chose but I still love it! There's a CAL going on right here on ravelry right now where you can see more of these gingham potholders!

I made only front of the potholder and turned it into a dishcloth. The border turned out really nice too, I wanted to make scallops but decided it looked too busy with them, so I stopped with just the chains.

I'm planning on making another dishcloth with this pattern this week too. I'm on a bit of a dishcloth kick right now, so this space will be seeing more this week!


  1. Wow it's a very beautiful pattern, I would really try to make this, maybe as a kitchen towel. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!

  2. That looks too good to use! I love the above users idea of turning it into a tea towel - we could really do with some more of them in our house. Might have to add that to the to do list!

  3. very nice pattern. Thanks for sharing the pattern. I just might try this out.

  4. What a great pattern, thanks for sharing the link. I really love the patchwork look yours has

  5. Thanks for the great pattern! It's so much fun making them! I combined dark green, grass green and white colors in my potholder - looks nice - good decoration for the kitchen.