Thursday, June 16, 2011

my creative space

I'm definitely back into my crochet groove, along with testing out dishcloth patterns, I am starting to crochet projects for another swap. The swap doesn't offically start until July but I'm already half way done, I like to get things done ahead of time, most of the time. I think I've got a jump on it because I'm making the things I really like to make. (it's a kitchen set swap)

This is the color scheme I'm working with. I'm using Bernat Handicrafter cottons in indigo, softly taupe, pale yellow and robins egg. They look really good together, I'm really happy with how everything is going. But, I want it all to be a surprise for the recipient so I won't be sharing any of it until it's all at it's new home.

I'm linking up with our creative spaces today.


  1. I am a dishcloth a'holic... I can whip one of those puppies up during one of my favorite shows... but when I gift them to someone, they are afraid to use them... lol...

    Have fun!!

  2. Love these colors and LOVE sll the crochet you've been up to lately!

  3. I love this colour scheme! Can't wait to see what you make with it!

  4. I make potholders as Im one of those who cant bear to use them as dishcloths!!

    Love the colours you have chosen, and look forward to seeing your finished work!


  5. I really love the colour combo!

  6. How have I not found you before?!
    A lovely blog, with faboo crochet treats everywhere!
    Well, I'm your newest follower so I don't miss out on anymore!
    If you get time, do pop over and visit my end of blogland- I love a little bit of crochet and thrifty finds too.