Wednesday, June 15, 2011

basket weave dishcloth

I mentioned on Monday that I've been testing out dishcloth patterns, the reason I am doing so is because of a new dishcloth swap on Ravelry that I was invited to join. It's exactly like the potholder swap I got involved in a few months ago, only this time it's for dishcloths.

This dishcloth I made using a blanket pattern, I just started with far fewer chains to make it cloth sized. I started with ch39, if you're interested in making one like this also. The pattern can be found here.

basketweave dishcloth

I really like how it turned out, the border is most definitely my favorite part! Hopefully one day, I'll make a blanket out of this pattern. The only part I'm not too fond of is the variegated yarn, I think it would look much better in a solid color. I used crown jewel in Bernat Handicrafter cotton again.

dishcloth border

I'm not 100% sure yet but this might be the pattern I use for the dishcloth swap. I am still trying out different patterns but this pattern is my favorite out of all the dishcloths I've ever made.

Go check out the swap on ravelry right here and on flickr here.


  1. The pattern would definitely show more detail in a solid yarn, but I actually really like the variegated effects, at least of that particular yarn. The purple almost forms two double helix which is kind of cool.

  2. Love your dishcloth!

    I have recently made some potholders, something I had never had a go at before but really enjoyed.


  3. HI love the pattern and the yarn. I'm really into variegated yarn at the moment, think it makes the finished project complete.

  4. what a great dishcloth! i love the pattern and think that the variegated yarn you chose really works. of course it would be pretty in a solid, too.

    i received my potholder in the mail the other day. it is even prettier in person. it's hanging in my kitchen now, waiting until i have something not at all messy to take from the oven. i want to use the potholder, but i don't want to get it dirty! thank you so much.