Sunday, April 26, 2015

scrap blanket: FO

I don't crochet many toys anymore, I actually closed my shop at the beginning of the year and got rid of all the toys and blankets that I had left over. I'm not sure what exactly made me cut it out of my life so drastically but it has made me feel better not having any of it around anymore. I may go back to selling at some point though because I do still love to crocheting for other people. I do know that I want to crochet with yarn that is not acrylic, I've started to not enjoy the feeling of it and the fact that it will pill so quickly sometimes.

I decided that I wanted to get my acrylic stash out of here too. Even though I said I didn't want anymore blankets made out of acrylic yarn, I had no idea what else I could do with the amount of yarn I had in my stash. So, I started a blanket! Hah. My kids do love all the blankets that we have here though, so I know that it's going to get tons of use. I started this one in January and finished it last week.

scrappy v-stitch blanket finished!!

I used a v-stitch pattern found on this blog for this big blanket. I crocheted strips of the pattern that I later crocheted together, I started with white stripes alternating with color. I ran really low on white after the first two strips, so for the last two, I just did all color. I am really happy with how it looks all joined up. The finished size of the blanket is 65X56", a good snuggling size.

magic ball of scraps

The blanket used up over 2500 yards of yarn! I still had some yarn left after I finished it and it was probably enough yarn to crochet another strip but there there were only a few colors that had decent amounts for a row or two. It would have bored me too much to keep using the same colors over and over, so I decided to join what was left into a big magic ball. I joined all the yarn with the russian join method. I'm not sure what I will end up making with it, possibly a big toy.

I now have an empty drawer that used to be overflowing with yarn, it feels really great to have it all cleared out. Although now I just want to buy more yarn to fill it up again! That seems to always be the way it goes when it comes to yarn. I hope you're all having a great weekend and that you didn't get as much snow as we got here!