Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sock Saga

I think it's safe to say now that I am a sock knitter. I never thought I would say that, it always seemed so intimidating to me to even try it. I'm so happy that I did try because I love knitting them! I decided that for Christmas, I would knit a pair to gift. I measured everyone's feet in this house and said it was just in case I ever decide to knit for someone else. But, obviously I am knitting for someone, he has no clue! It's hard to not show off what I'm doing because I get so excited about my socks. I've had some issues with said Christmas gift though, let me share...

I started with Malabrigo Sock Yarn and the Syncopation sock pattern. I knit all the way to the heel, loving the pattern and then realized the yarn was not superwash. Superwash means that you can throw socks in the machine and probably not have to worry about them. I know that I would accidently throw these socks into the wash, they'll be worn by a man afterall. Although, now that I've already frogged them, people have said that the yarn is superwash, I'm not sure but I'm over worrying about it, I get to use the yarn for myself now!

After that, I went to Michaels and picked out some Lion Brand Sock-Ease. I started on some plain vanilla socks but the yarn was so rough that it was cutting into my hand so badly, I couldn't keep knitting them. It's a pretty color though, it's Toffee, it's too bad it's so rough.

Lion Brand Sock Ease

I finally ended up going to a yarn shop here and found a lot of Opal yarn. I bought a skein in the Wacholder colorway and cast on right away. I'm knitting the sock in a basic 3X1 rib pattern. I'm really enjoying working with the yarn, it's definitely not the softest but it's not cutting me and it feels like it's going to wear really well.

Opal socks

I think these socks will be my November socks for the monthly sock challenge, I'd like to get these done early! I'm really close to having the first sock finished, so I think I can do it. I planned on possibly knitting a second pair but I think I'm going to stick to just one so that I'm sure the socks fit him perfectly. Maybe next year he'll get a stocking full.