Monday, February 24, 2014

Once Upon a Time 2014

First, I wanted to say thank you everyone for your kind and supportive comments on my mood blanket post! And for the suggestions on how to go forward with it were helpful, I still need to keep it away from me for awhile but I know I'll go back to it at some point when I won't associate those colors with "moods" anymore.

Today, I'm sharing my year long cross stitch project. It's the newest sampler from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery called Once Upon a Time. I love the patterns that Ashleigh and Amanda come up with, they create such fun and cute patterns! For the past few years, they have been doing year long samplers, I've signed up for the last three years, I haven't managed to get the last two finished but this year will be different! And I will finish those last two at some point! This year's theme is fairy tales, so far we've had Snow White and the Frog Prince.

Once Upon a Time sampler

I almost didn't sign up for this year but my sister talked me into stitching it with her, it's her first cross stitch pattern ever! I'm so glad she talked me into this year, I've been having so much fun stitching these adorable squares. I'm behind on my border but I'm doing mine as I go each month. I can't wait for the March square, I wonder what fairy tale it will be.

You can sign up for the Once Upon a Time sampler here. The price goes up after March 1st, so sign up fast!