Tuesday, November 26, 2013

custom order elephants (& last chance to order!)

I recently finished a couple custom orders from my shop. I've decided that I won't be taking any more custom orders for toys in the month of December. So many things happen here in December with us, besides Christmas, we've got four family birthdays, two belonging to my daughters. If you really want to order a custom cutie, you need to request it before December 1st! I'll start taking custom orders again in January. You will still be able to buy my ready made items in December though. You can also get 25% off using coupon code 'CHRISTMAS' at the checkout.

wooly mammoth mod

This first custom order was for an elephant with modifications to look like a wooly mammoth. The elephant pattern can be found here. I had to use the fur yarn again with this guy, I think I'm getting more used using the yarn. I love the hair on the top of his head! His tail also has the fur on it, I used the loop stitch for it. I also lengthened his tusks and curved them to help him look more like a wooly mammoth.

wooly mammoth mod

After posting the picture of my first elephant on instagram, I received an order for an identical elephant but with baby safe eyes. I love baby safe eyes and think he may even look a bit cuter with them!

elephant mod w/ baby safe eyes
I really love getting these orders for toys that I probably never would have thought up myself! It's so fun to crochet something different!