Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WIP and Yarn Along


I've started another new project! I'm making another patchwork dog pillow, this time using a more solid square. I'm making him for my nephew's birthday coming up later this month. He has loved my first patchwork pillow the most out of everyone, he has loved snuggling it when he's over, so I decided he needed one of his own for his house in more boy colors.

I'll be sharing the square pattern and how to make the dog pillow once I've gotten him finished!

I finished reading A Moment Like Forever last night, it was a pretty good read. There was a twist towards the end, one I wasn't really expecting. At first it annoyed me but I got over it and liked the rest of the book. I'm still reading Crochet Saved My Life, I'm only reading small chunks at a time, it's still a good one.

On Goodreads, there's a reading challenge that you can set up at any time. At the beginning of this year, I set a goal to read 20 books. I have set higher goals before but I didn't think I would be reading as much this year, so I set it pretty low. I hit my goal with this last book and I see no signs of my reading slowing down. I'm going to be starting another new book tonight, Room by Emma Donoghue.

I'm sharing at WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along today.

PS: Don't forget to check out my review of the Sharp Crochet Hook and enter to win your own!