Thursday, July 11, 2013

FreshStitches milestones!

It's safe to say that I am a big fan of designer Stacey Trock and her brand FreshStiches, she is my main go to when I want to crochet a toy. Recently, Stacey came up with a fun idea of milestone badges for FreshStitches projects. Fun right? I counted up all the projects I've made using her patterns and I'm sitting at 55 right now! That number is most likely going to grow soon with a lot of the new patterns she's been coming up with.

I decided to use Stacey's cute badges to find my milestones! Here they are:

Nelson the Owl // pattern found here

Dragon // pattern found here

Mixtro the Monster // pattern found here

Flavia the Unicorn // pattern found here

Cows (not sure which one was the 50th!) // pattern found here

There's a 100th badge too but I have a lot of crocheting to do before I get to that! I think it will eventually happen though, Stacey makes pretty amazing patterns. If you've never made an amigurumi before, check out the FreshStiches patterns. Stacey also has a free Beginner's Guide to Amigurumi that you can get for free here. People tell me all the time how hard they think crocheting a toy must be, I used to be a person who believed that too but it's really not hard once you figure it out, amigurumi mostly only uses one type of stitch. Give it a try if you really want to, it's not so scary, it's a lot of fun!

Have a great day!