Monday, July 22, 2013


I'm sharing some of my most recent bookmarks from around the blogs today! First are these cute crocheted daisies from Caught on a Whim. I've already started crocheting a bunch!


Check out this pattern from Lulu Loves for a Round Ruffle Cushion. I haven't crocheted a pillow in awhile, I may make one of these soon!

I'm ready to start knitting or crocheting some swatches after seeing this knit swatch wall art gift put together by a knit group. I would love a wall filled with these!

Cute printable mini bookplates from Mollie of Wild Olive.

I bookmarked this one awhile ago but haven't been able to start on the blanket I wanted to yet, Maybelle Square pattern. I still want to make this eventually though, the pattern is super cute!

I recently discovered a new to me blog with lots of blog design help, SillyGrrl. There's lots of helpful posts on this blog, perfect timing for me to change the blog again. If you visit the blog in the next few weeks, you'll probably see mismatched stuff while I try to figure out a new design.

Thanks for visiting me today!