Thursday, April 11, 2013

sampler blocks 5 & 6

I'm still making blocks for my sampler blanket, I'm up to 6 squares now. These are the latest.

blocks 5 & 6

This block I'm not completely sold on. I actually really love it but the square is crazy wonky and doesn't lay flat at all. Maybe with some heavy blocking I can make it work but I'm not sure right now. For now this will stay a maybe square. The pattern is a free one called Granny Bobble Spiral.

sampler block #5 (maybe)

This block is called Square in a Square, not a free pattern (boo!) but I didn't actually use the pattern to make the square, I looked at it to figure it out.

sampler block #6

I hope you're having a good Thursday! Has spring sprung where you are yet? We're getting more snow today...