Monday, March 18, 2013

monday randoms

Today's post is a bunch of randomness. Just a few things I wanted to share with you!

mandala CAL

Remember the overlay mandala I turned into a pillow for a CAL? Voting is now open and you can vote for your favorite mandala! I'm not getting my hopes up for winning because there's a few that definitely have a lot of fans. I had fun participating anyway! Go vote for your favorite!

stayed up late getting this monster finished so I can get him in the mail today

I made this Roose Monster on Thursday and mailed him out Friday, so I didn't get a better picture than this. The cute monster is off to a son of a friend, the family experienced a heartbreaking loss of their youngest boy last week. My son thought that their other son should have a monster to hug when he's sad.

little gnome

I participated in a swap held in the FreshStitches ravelry group recently and I made this gnome to gift. It's really cute and I'll be making my own soon. The bottom picture is what I received this week, I love the alien, it's a pattern that has been in my queue for quite some time.

Got some #happymail today!! From my Cupid in the freshstitches group on Ravelry!

I was going to switch to bloglovin' for good now that google reader is closing but tried Feedly yesterday. Feedly it is! Try it, it looks so good!!

Lastly, google reader is shutting down in July, so that means you need to switch to a new reader if you don't already use something else! I started using Feedly over the weekend, I wish I had found this one sooner! I love how it looks, it makes reading blogs through a reader enjoyable. I even managed to catch up on a lot of blogs I kept skipping for months.

Have a great Monday!