Friday, February 22, 2013

new shop, new name!

 photo itscrochet_zpsb40106f8.png

I finally did it, I moved my shop over to etsy! I decided to change the name too, it came to me while I was sleeping, I literally jumped up and made sure to write it down so I wouldn't forget in the morning. I googled and didn't find any other shop with the name, so I went for it.

It's Crochet is the new name. Why? If you're a crocheter, you've probably been crocheting something and had someone ask what you were knitting. And then you have to tell them it's actually crochet and it's nothing like knitting (other than they both use yarn!). I decided on "it's crochet" just so I wouldn't have to say that! If you're wondering, it actually doesn't bother me when someone asks, I just thought it was a good reason to use the name and it's fun (I think anyway).

I stocked the shop up with most of what I had in the old one, minus the potholders and I added more amigurumi! I crocheted a few mini monsters, I made one and the cuteness killed me, then I got a bit obsessed and kept making more! Hopefully other people think they're cute too! I even named each mini monster, they have their own personalities. I'm definitely making more soon!

Here's a look at some of what you can see in the shop. Click on over to check out all the cuties! And if you're interested in any custom toys, don't hesitate to email me!