Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Mandala CAL Finish!

mandala CAL

I've finished my mandala I was making for the Mandala CAL! I am really happy that I took part in this one, I've been eyeing up the overlay mandalas for such a long time now. It looks complicated but it actually is super easy to crochet, it's just a lot of fpdc (& fpdtr) stitches and the end product is so beautiful! I enjoyed every stitch of this beauty. I really want to try this overlay mandala next, much more work but it's gorgeous!


After finishing the mandala, I really didn't know what I would do with it! I quickly decided to turn it into a pillow, so I crocheted a striped back for it. I then sewed the corners in on a big throw pillow (I don't remember the size, I bought it last year & ripped the tag off!) and I shoved it inside. I whip stitched the two sides together and got one big mandala pillow!

mandala turned pillow

She is a firm pillow and I know it's not going to go flat anytime soon! I am so in love with this pillow, it's now living happily on my new couch. And hopefully, my kids will not claim it as theirs anytime soon.

mandala pillow!

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  1. Wow it is beautiful! I'm inspired to participate next time.
    Good luck keeping it away from the kids;)