Friday, January 04, 2013

sock monkey for baby

My first finish of 2013! I was going to use a free pattern but after I started it, I realized it just wasn't the style I liked at all. So, I scrapped it and made up my own! I started this sock monkey in December, it took me awhile but I figured out how to make him to my liking. There are very small things that I'm going to change for the next one but it's nothing noticeable really.

sock monkey

Getting the eyes right was the biggest thing that kept this sock monkey from getting finished, I tried all different kinds of eyes before I ended up with these. They're baby safe eyes, since it will be gifted to a baby (my new niece born 12.12.12). I love the eyes, I think they work perfectly.

sock monkey

It's such a cute sock monkey, I can't wait to make another! I think the next one will be a striped guy.