Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013 Goals

2013 Goals

Instead of making new year's resolutions, I like to make goals for the new year, that way I won't feel like I failed. Last year's goals are here, I did two of them. I never learned to knook but now that I can kind of knit, I don't really want to learn. I still have the kit, so if anyone wants it, email me, I'll send it to you! (The kit has been claimed!)

I don't have too many goals again this year but I think I'll be able to do all of these. Here's all my craft related goals:

1. Reduce the WIP pile. There are too many of them, hopefully I won't add too many throughout the year!

2. Make at least 3 shawls with one being knit. I've finally decided that I do love a shawl! I've even decided on the first one, it's the Stripe Study (knit!) and as soon as the yarn I want is in stock, I'll be casting on.

3. Make a sampler blanket. I've been gathering a lot of free patterns to do this, so I may end up doing more than one blanket. I'd really like to get three blankets made, so I can give one to each of my kids.

Also, head over to read about a Year of Giving on Lilac Saloon. I love the idea behind it, I feel like it's a good thing for me to focus on right now. This month's category is comfort, which I think is a good one for crocheters, you could make a blanket for a friend going through something or donate one to a charity. There's a lot of different things you could do!


  1. Great goals Casey! Thanks for sharing the year of giving. I wasn't planning on doing resolutions this year as I was just going to focus on my 101 in 1001 but I think I will make an exception for this. What a great goal for the year.

  2. All the tips you shared are adorable !!! Thank you.

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