Monday, September 24, 2012

pirate owl

pirate themed gift

This here is a pirate owl! My sister asked me if I could make something pirate themed for her son's first birthday and of course I said yes. I also made him an owl when he was first born, maybe a new owl every year might happen?

I used the Nelson the Owl pattern and just added a few extra things. I really love his little peg leg, that may be my favorite part of him! I love this pirate theme, I want to turn other toys into pirates now!

pirate hat

For the hat I used this Versatile Earflap Hat pattern, for the pirate applique I used this pattern. The pattern for the hat was very easy to follow, I'm so happy with the end result! There are so many different things you can do with the hat pattern, I have one really fun idea that I can't wait to try this week, fingers crossed that it works! And if you head over to Michah Makes, you'll find lots of fun ideas, like this skunk hat!