Thursday, May 31, 2012


I feel like May just started, this month has really flown by! I've managed to get a lot of crafting done still though. I'm happy with all the cuteness I managed this month.


I finished knitting my dish towel, I love it with its aqua crochet border. I've even been using it, I more expected it to sit and look pretty since it's so light in color but I like using it.

I tested a pattern called Granny Hoot for Michelle! It turned out so cute, I have her koala one half finished right now also, I should have that finished and ready to share soon I hope, I keep getting side tracked lately.

I made a cute hedgehog pillow for my daughter, it's small but useable for a 5 year old. She definitely likes it, it made it with us on our family trip a couple weekends ago!

The grandma love cushion is another pattern from Michelle, this one sat in my ravelry queue for far too long, I love this pillow!

I finished up a cute cross stitch for my kitchen, it's a leaning tower of macaroons.

I added my Chair Socks pattern to ravelry just this week and it's already gotten over 100 favorites! The pattern was also added to this month too.

Now bring on June!


  1. These are all lovely projects. I love all the yummy colors.

  2. Well done. What a fabulous achievement in just a month!!! I cant find a favourite out of this bunch.

  3. Very adorable things you have made, what a difference, but I love all the things. Very cool colour selection, Such a inspiration, and I'm almost bookmarking every post you make. Have a wonderful Day and weekend.