Friday, March 23, 2012

a bunny lovey

I made this halloween lovey doll last year and after I made it, I thought that it would be cute as another animal. So, I started another one in girl colors using the same pattern as the halloween lovey, hoping someone around here would have a baby girl and I could give it as a gift. No one had any girls last year, only boys were born, so I lost my motivation to get it finished. Last week, I was digging in my cotton yarn and spotted it again, the colors reminded me so much of spring and easter, I decided that I needed to just finish it.

girl lovey

It's supposed to be a bunny (for easter!) but I think you could call it a puppy too. The lovey is made of all cotton; hot pink, camomile, robin's egg, lavendar, banana yellow, off white and lava lamp are the colors I used. It's pretty cute even if you can't tell what it is!

bunny (or puppy?)

I don't have anyone to give this to, so if you're interested in adopting this bunny lovey please email me! plus3crochet(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. I think it's great and it totally looks like a bunny. :)

  2. I like her and yes you can tell she is a bunny. Love the springy colors.

  3. Oh my--HOW ADORABLE!!

  4. It's definitely a bunny! And it's really, really cute!

  5. Very sweet bunny! Just few days till Easter :)I like the colours so much - spring is in the air!

  6. How precious is this little bunny! I love the happy!♥