Friday, September 23, 2011

friday favorites

Today, I thought I'd share some things I am hopefully going to be doing this weekend. They're all ideas found from pinterest.

I bought a couple boxes of crayons on sale especially for this project! I'm going to hang it in the area where the kids color (or where they are supposed to have their coloring stuff anyway).

My sister is having her baby this weekend! I'm going to attempt to get a picture of him wearing a mustashe

Source: via casey on Pinterest

And I found some tips on how to clean your washing machine, so I'm going to get that done this weekend. It probably needs it, I've only cleaned it once, when we moved in here over a year ago.

I've had this one pinned for awhile, I'm finally going to attempt it! I love pretty nails.

Have a great weekend! Do you have anything crafty planned for the weekend?


  1. All hail to the 'stache! Those binkies are hilarious. Love the crayons... love the nails (I'm painting mine this weekend for the first time in years) and the washing machine... oh boy I don't think I've ever cleaned ours (ewwww!)

    Have an awesomely wonderful weekend!

  2. That crayon thing is pretty nifty!

  3. Love the crayons and the nails will have to give both a go... so many things to try so little time! Your one a day blanket is looking awesome by the way- what is the square you are using? Have a great week, Janette xo

  4. Love the crayons. I bet it will look nice hanging on the wall :)