Saturday, August 27, 2011

weekend of favorites

Today I'll be sharing post I've liked or shared from my google reader. I used to be a bloglines user but when they announced it was shutting down in 2010, I reluctantly moved to google reader. I was very against it. Now, I don't know why! Google reader is a really awesome way to read your blogs and there's so many ways to save your favorite posts, google reader is one of the first sites I visit when I get online now.

Check out this Kaleidoscope blanket from Le Monde De Sucrette, she even shares exactly how she made the blanket! I love the joining method so much that I've started one of my own!

I love, love, love this pegboard cross-stitch from Danielle Thompson! This is a project I really cannot wait to make for myself.

The Nester is going to be hosting a DIY Wreath Linky Party on Sept. 5th, I have a wreath that I'm thinking of making for my son's birthday coming up, so I will be sharing it then!

Stitched in Color is doing a celebration of color for September, October and November. Check that out!

A super cute friendship bracelet embroidery pattern from Wild Olive.

I've been following Oh Fransson's Boardwalk quilt-along. It's a pretty awesome quilt and she's a really awesome teacher, so I think anyone could do this quilt.

Benita posted these doormats she made, they are brilliant! Maybe once my kids aren't so young, I could do this and not worry about it being moved constantly.

Megan posted this really unique way of saying goodbye to a town before you move away, it's such an enjoyable post, go read it!

Check out these maternity photos! That's my sister, she's due really soon! My babette is in the last photo :)

Tomorrow will be a picture filled post to make up for this picture-less one. Click all those links though, it's all great stuff!


  1. I can so identify with bloglines vs google thing! :) great links will check out all of them

  2. Great shares. I adore the Kaleidoscope blanket.