Friday, August 26, 2011

a weekend of favorites

This weekend, I'm going to share many of my recent favorites that I've pinned, liked or faved from pinterest, blogs I visit and flickr. I haven't been posting my crafts this week but I have been getting inspired all over the place!

Today, I'll be sharing my flickr favorites. I have to admit that I don't browse flickr that often anymore because pinterest has kind of taken over my internet time these days but when I do get on, I find a lot of good stuff.

1. Summer Sampler complete!, 2. Bedroom, 3. The Cat and The Bird, 4. zillions of French knots..., 5. Summer Garden Crochet Cushion - Side 2, 6. Pie de cama Sunburst / Sunburst bed runner, 7. Pillowcase WIP, 8. Embroidered Pillowcase-Blue Birds, 9. Embroidered Snow Angel in Aqua and Red

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