Monday, August 15, 2011

groovyghan planning

groovyghan yarn

I am making a blanket for my daughter's 5th birthday this year. I had a completely different blanket planned but the more I kept looking at the Groovyghan, the more I liked it. It fits her personality so well, so I think she will love it!

I picked out the colors, most of it is from my stash, I only bought a few skeins to round the scheme out. I'm using Loops & Threads Impeccable Solids, if I'm not using cotton, then I'm more than likely using this stuff, it's awesome and very affordable, you can get it at Michaels. These are the colors I'm using:

soft fern
soft rose
soft taupe

Since I want this to be a surprise, this blanket could take some time, which is why I'm starting it so early! The birthday girl turns 5 on December 8th. Luckily (?), she starts school at the end of the month, so I can pull it out in the afternoons instead of after bedtime.


  1. The names of all of those yarn colors together just looks delicious! How fun!

  2. wow, I've never seen the Groovyghan before! This blanket will look absolutely stunning with the colors you've chosen, no doubt! Can't wait to see the first pictures!

  3. Whoa, that blanket is very aptly named--it's so groovy :-) I love the colors you chose, I can't wait to see how it comes out!

  4. That pattern is just so right for a 5 year old girl. She will adore it. Can't wait to see it finished.

  5. TThe Groovyghan will look fabulous in those colours can't wait to the progress on it, i too have ummed and ahhhed at it sooo tempting hehe enjoy xx

  6. Woh! That's a big project! I bet it's going to be awesome. And she's going to LOVE it!

  7. Oh that will be great - so colourful - I fell in love with this pattern at once. Your daughter will be so happy!!!!!!! And I look forward to your working in progress - Lovely greetings Doris

  8. Wow what a wonderfully colourful blanket. Your daughter will cherish it I'm sure. Hope it stays secret.

  9. It's going to look great! And you'd be a superhero in my eyes if you can finish it by December!!

  10. My goodness that will be an ambitious project! What fun!