Monday, January 31, 2011


babette progress

This is how Babette looks right this very minute. Isn't she turning out great? The more squares I make, the more in love with it I am falling! All the colors make me ridiculously happy. The 2 round squares are looking very rounded when they're attached but I'm actually liking that look.

I've had a few people ask me how exactly I am joining the squares together. I am joining by slip stitching. I put two squares right sides together and slip stitch through the back loops. Here is how the back looks.

Not super pretty looking but it doesn't bother me. I won't be showing off the back when I'm finished, I'm using white to join the squares. You can see a detailed tutorial on how to slip stitch squares together on Attic24 here.

I'll have another babette update this week, I have another section ready to join!


  1. Wouwwwww your babette's turning out really great!
    The colours are amazing together.
    You're making me want to crochet a babette :D
    Bye bye

  2. Your Babette colors are lovely. Makes your heart just skip a beat doesn't it. Great work.

  3. This is gorgeous... makes me wish I knew how to crochet! I adore the color combination.

  4. This is looking awesome! Really love the close up shot of it!

  5. Hello, I recently discovered your blog. I am enjoying it, and I find your projects and colors very inspiring.

  6. It's really coming along beautifully!

  7. Oh just answered my own question about your joining methods! Yeah Lucy's tutorial is great.
    Man you've got a great eye for colour! Can I borrow it? He he...