Tuesday, October 01, 2013

patchwork dog pillow

Hello, happy October! I didn't mean for the blog to go so quiet for so long, the days got away from me somehow. I'm going to share how to make this patchwork dog pillow soon but first I need to write it out so that it makes as much sense as possible and also keep my fingers crossed that I got enough good in pictures of it in progress, the sun pooped out on me during assembly. But, I wanted to share the photos of the finished pillow now that my nephew has him.

I think when I made the first patchwork dog, I said I'd probably never do it again but I couldn't resist doing it for my nephew. He loved the first one I made, he was always pulling it off the couch to cuddle on, so I thought he could use one of his own too.



I stuffed him as full as I could, so the pillow is really fat! Perfectly fat for some cuddling.


I'm pretty happy with how the pillow turned out, all the square making is a lot of work but it's all worth it! It's a fun pillow!