Tuesday, October 22, 2013

a few random things & garlands!

It got quiet on the blog again, didn't mean for that to happen, things are a little off for me right now. I did get the tutorial posted for the patchwork dog pillow, you can find that here. I also posted a pattern for the solid mini squares that I used for the pillow, find that here.

Lately, I've been wanting to get rid of some of my in stock crocheted toys, there's too many in here, they're really taking over space! So, I'm selling them for 50% off right now! Just use the coupon code 'HALFOFF' at the checkout. Coupon is good for anything in the shop, not just the toys. Head on over to my shop to grab a toy for someone special! Christmas is coming up fast, so now would be a great time to order one (& save money too!). Coupon is good until October 31st.

I deleted the facebook page for the blog a couple weeks ago. There wasn't a lot of activity over there, so I'm sure it won't be missed. I don't miss it anyway. Since deleting that, I've decided to start using my twitter feed more often. I'm still trying to get more active there. Follow me @caseyplusthree if you aren't already. And of course, I'm posting pictures on instagram often, you can see a lot of projects that I'm working on before it shows up here on the blog.

Speaking of instagram, I recently participated in a garland swap to help raise funds for an adoption for It's Just Emmy. I made two garlands, one for my partner and one for Emmy to sell in an insta-auction (@itsjustemmy).

For my partner, I made a fall lace garland using this pattern. It screams fall to me, it was a hard one to give up, I really liked it!

fall lace garland

fall lace garland

For Emmy, I made a butterfly garland (pattern for butterflies). I used Lion's Brand bon bons in cotton to make them all. Those bon bons are so cute and fun, I'm so glad my store started carrying them! I have a lot of the yarn left after making this garlnd, so I'm eventually going to make more and maybe add them to my shop.

butterfly garland

The blog shouldn't be too quiet for awhile, I've got quite a few finished projects to share! Thanks for visiting today!