Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a random bunch of stuff

There's a few things I wanted to share but they don't really need their own separate posts, so here they are!

pirate owl!

First, remember the cute pirate owl I made for my nephew? Stacey from FreshStitches asked if I would share how I made him into a pirate, head over to see that post here!

ps. the Anthro owl was made using the same owl pattern from FreshStitches. I seem to have forgotten to mention that in my post last week and someone (anonymous poster) thought they would be able to start something, not sure what but it gave me a giggle. Maybe they thought I was trying to say it was my own pattern? You can always ask what patterns I've used and I will always share where I've found them if I didn't make them myself.


Second, I think I finally settled on a new layout for the blog. This was the first one I was going for when changing the look but at the last second went for something else. Maybe this one will stick for awhile?

My shop has the same header, I like it, it's simple. Also, the shop has been updated with some new things, I'll be adding blankets when I can find some more time to do that!


I downloaded the Craftsy App on my iPad recently and it's awesome! I love that I can watch the classes away from my computer and have the patterns with me, not that I have gotten many classes, actually only one right now but there's a couple on my wishlist! The only class I've gotten around to getting is the Woodland Animals class, I need to make that raccoon soon!

I also downloaded the new Gathered by Mollie Makes and it's so pretty! I actually don't really enjoy the magazine Mollie Makes so I didn't know if I would like Gathered but I was surprised, it's so much better than I expected. By signing up for it, you get 5 free issues, if you have an iPad definitely check it out!


I think that's all I've got right now. Have a great day everyone! Hope it's nice wherever you are, here's it's snowing :) (I like it though!)


  1. Love your pirate! So stinking cute!!!!

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