Thursday, August 04, 2011

a not for kids sampler

a "not for kids sampler"

I've got a lot of of crochet projects on the go right now, I haven't gotten any of it pictured yet. I seem to keep adding to my WIPs pile, just thinking about it makes me antsy, I must stop adding!

Other than my crochet, I started a cross-stitch sampler that I found at completely cauchy (she's no longer giving it away though). It's a word that slips out of my mouth a little too often, so I thought it would be a fun one to stitch up! This one will probably take me quite awhile since I can only bring it out when the kids are asleep or out of the house.

I'm using DMC Color Variations Floss (4050) for this, I really like it so far. When I get this one finished, it will hang out somewhere in my room, most likely out of where kids can read (until they are older anyway).

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  1. Yikes...seeing this photo (that I have linked of my favorite creative blogs) on my FAMILY FRIENDLY blog wasn't exactly what I expected to see first thing this morning.....


  2. I.. I just LOVE the colours in this! Definitly inspiring me to think up a project in similar colours.
    love it,
    Miss Kitten

  3. LOL! Love it and the colors!

  4. Haha - love it. Reminds me a bit of the subversive cross stitch samplers.

  5. One of my favorite words...LOL. Nice colors.

  6. Pure cross-stitchy GOLD, that!

  7. the most satisfying of all cuss words, in my opinion. it looks like fun to stitch!