Wednesday, April 08, 2015

on hooks & needles: April


v-stitch scrap busting blanket WIP

I am determined to get this v-stitch stash busting crochet blanket finished. I alternated color with white in my first two sections and now I have very little of it left, so the next two sections are going to be all color. My stash has gotten very small, so I'm running out of a lot of colors but I'm still trying to keep the colors as random as I can, it's not so easy anymore. I'm crocheting the two last sections at the same time to try to keep the color spread around, if I didn't, I think the last section would probably be maybe two or three colors. I'm so excited that my yarn stash has reduced so much! A part of me didn't think I could actually ever get to the bottom of it.

After this is finished, I'm going to be joining the smaller bits of yarns that I still have into one big magic ball. Hopefully it will make a nice sized toy.

v-stitch scrap busting blanket WIP



For my April socks, I decided not to choose a paper bag but instead knit a pair of socks that I've been itching to cast on. I'm using my left over Spun Right Round yarn in the So Over the Rainbow colorway and my Mellifera Yarns Merino Twist Sock in the Raven colorway. I've wanted to knit a pair like this since seeing this pair over on ravelry.

April sock

I'm still knitting a patterned sock, this one is Diagonal Lace Sock, it's a free pattern. I think the pattern almost looks like rain falling, so it goes well with the rainbow toes. I'll be knitting an afterthought heel for this pair.

doing some knitting on my #scrappyhueshift I'm almost finished with the second block of squares. this is such a relaxing knit

Some knitting on my Scrappy Hue Shift has been happening! This one can be very addicting and hard to put aside but I'm slowing down again because I will be running out of minis again. Last month, I won an etsy gift card from CraftyRie's blog, so I decided to spend it on new mini skeins. When I started this blanket, I bought a bunch of mini skeins from NikkiSlipp on etsy and I loved knitting with them, so I checked her shop first and she had some new colors that I hadn't used yet. Her yarns are so gorgeous, I really wish I could buy full skeins from her right now, like this one or this or this or this! Seriously, go check out her shop, she's really a great seller!

at least it's a cheap needle #scrappyhueshift
I'm really glad that DPN's come in a pack of 5 and that I enjoy the cheap brand!


I'm also participating in a swap this month, I'm trying to be a lot more choosy with them this year after being burned a couple times last year. This one is a Spring Swap, it's being held in Liesl's Buckaloo View group on ravelry. I have no spoilery pictures to share right now, I'm kind of bad with giving stuff away I think, I don't know how much is too much to share without giving it away completely! I've had a lot of fun gathering and knitting or crocheting (not telling!) for my partner. I'll be sure to snap a picture of what I send her before I mail it out so that I can share it here!

Hope you're all having a lovely day!