Thursday, October 02, 2014

monthly sock challenge - September

Liesl started up a monthly sock challenge and invited others to join along too. I kept forgetting to post and join in, so I'm finally doing it! I think that I will be able to keep up with finishing a pair of socks each month, I love sock knitting so much! I'm definitely happy that I took the leap to learn the skill this year.

These were my September socks. They're a plain vanilla sock done in a fun self striping colorway from Nomadic Yarns called The Slutty Pumpkin. I did an "afterthought heel" for the first time with these, turned out to be a lot easier than I expected. I have also learned that some people don't like you calling it an afterthought heel if you plan it with waste yarn, so it's a forethought after-heel... I guess! Anyway, I love these fun socks, I've already worn them a few times :)

slutty pumpkin socks

I've gotten a start on my October socks, they're Monkey socks but I'm using Los Monos Locos/The Crazy Monkeys, so that I can knit them toe up. It is an addicting pattern! I did all this knitting in just a few hours, it's a hard one to put aside. I'm using yarn from Spun Right Round called So Over the Rainbow, it's knitting up so amazing, I love it! Sadly, this picture really does not do the colors justice, darn the grey skies!

toe up monkey socks!

Have a great day!