Wednesday, October 15, 2014

monthly sock challenge - October

My October socks are already off the needles! I finished this pair in only 5 days, it was hard to put them aside for much else, all I could think about were these socks. The pattern was easy to memorize and the yarn was so much fun to knit with!

October socks

They're Monkey socks but done from the toe up using the Los Monos Locos pattern. The yarn is So Over the Rainbow by Spun Right Round, I absolutely love how the yarn striped!


This is the 5th pair of socks that I've ever knit! I think they may be my favorite, I've already worn them quite a few times. The length of these socks are perfect and will probably be the length I knit from now on, they go just a little above my ankle, high enough that they'll be visible when I wear shoes. I still need to work on my toe though, these did turn out a little pointier than I would like.

October socks

I'm linking these up to Liesl's monthly sock challenge. I already have yarn picked out for November's socks, I'm going to try knitting two at a time, I'm excited to challenge myself!