Monday, August 04, 2014

Scrappy Hue Shift - knit blanket WIP

I've really been bitten by the knitting bug, I love knitting with sock yarn! I started knitting a scrappy sock yarn blanket, I'm using the Scrappy Hue Shift pattern, I had to buy the pattern because at some point I want to make that gorgeous blanket. For now, I'm doing a scrappy version. You can find lots of free versions of mitered squares on Ravelry.

I was inspired by Jesse's blanket and Jacey's blanket, they've been posting progress on instagram! It didn't take me too long to jump on board as well.

finally knit my first square for my own #scrappyhueshift this yarn is from my first pair of socks! most of the yarn in the blanket will end up being from minis since I haven't knit a whole lot  but I'm fine with that. @jaceynotjc

officially addicted now! #scrappyhueshift

I'm using size 2.75 needles for my squares and joining them as I go, it's explained in the pattern I'm using how to do this. I'll be using left over sock yarns and mini skeins to make it. I've been knitting this blanket everywhere, I just can't get enough!

doing some relaxing and knitting now

car knitting and hours (& HOURS) of driving to go!

scrappy hue shift

knitting while waiting on hold. estimated waiting time is 15min, 18 minutes down... #scrappyhueshift

scrappy hue WIP

I've finished 21 squares now. I'm planning on knitting 25 square sections and then stitching them together, so that I can keep this as a very portable project. And of course this will most likely be a long term project, I'm not sure how many squares I need to finish it.